Back to Basics

Just me and my girls for the week. Well, Matthew too, but he’s at work all day, so it feels like just me and my babies… The other of my three are with their mother at her mother’s for the week, minus one abusive husband.  Also, all seven of the foster kittens (Elvis Presley Dairy, Shadow, Socks, Natasha, Tiger, and Lionel and Leona – yes, from Between the Lions) are going back to the shelter soon. So, back to basics…

So with Go Go Goji in the warmer (which smells amazing!!), Harry Potter on the TV, and cool air coming in the windows, Colleen, Taylor, Zoë, and I are spending our morning relaxing together. Later we’ll be spending our afternoon cleaning together! Probably at some point a trip to the library, which is almost back to the basics, only without our favorite librarian, Candy Cross.


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