Back to Basics

Just me and my girls for the week. Well, Matthew too, but he’s at work all day, so it feels like just me and my babies… The other of my three are with their mother at her mother’s for the week, minus one abusive husband.  Also, all seven of the foster kittens (Elvis Presley Dairy, Shadow, Socks, Natasha, Tiger, and Lionel and Leona – yes, from Between the Lions) are going back to the shelter soon. So, back to basics…

So with Go Go Goji in the warmer (which smells amazing!!), Harry Potter on the TV, and cool air coming in the windows, Colleen, Taylor, Zoë, and I are spending our morning relaxing together. Later we’ll be spending our afternoon cleaning together! Probably at some point a trip to the library, which is almost back to the basics, only without our favorite librarian, Candy Cross.


Sun, sun, go away!

So yay for summer and all that, and yes, I’m enjoying having my girls home, but six kids and no air conditioning is not my idea of a good time! When it’s well over 80 in the house no one feels good and everyone is sweating – thank god for Papa Ray’s hot tub! Which sounds weird, but the girls enjoy it more than The Neighbor’s pool!

I drove the half an hour to see Denise at At Last… Salon and Day Spa to get Mia’s hair fixed. Long story of pettiness but it’s even shorter now but looks better – and it involved air conditioning!!! Plus ice cream – who doesn’t love that?? 🙂 I’m taking turns with each of the girls with a little Mommy and me time for a bit of pampering and a nice hair cut – two down, four to go, and they’re all loving it!! 🙂

But a new twist to the sweaty evening – the evil stepdad is out of the picture!! Woohoo!!  At least there’s a nice silver lining 😉 There was some cheering going on in our house! lol

Now what?

A few years ago the father of my three girls left. As a stay-at-home mom there was a big, giant “Oh my god NOW what do I do???” Then a year and a half ago I met an amazing man with three girls of his own (sounds like a familiar theme song, doesn’t it?…) on the internet – because where else do people meet anyone these days? He’d also just come out of a pretty bad relationship and after all we’d both been through we knew exactly what we wanted (and didn’t want!!) and knew we’d found it in each other (though I think there was an Alice on his list – yeah, I didn’t come with one of those..) and got married right away (really, this is the short version). Then, with six daughters aged two to eight it was once again “now what do I do???”. I worked for a few months as a tutor (aka, one-on-one student aid) but it ended up being too tough on us all, so, despite hubby’s grumping about losing the income (though I only had two months left anyhow as I would have been home with the girls for the summer anyway), I returned to being a stay-at-home mom. So, I was back at “now what?” I had tried home parties before and thought: third time’s the charm, right?? So, I signed on with Scentsy in February. It’s been slow going, down economy and all, and my main priority is always my children so “work” tends to take a back seat, but we’ll all get there eventually…..

And when we do, I will once again say, “Now what?”